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this was such a nice game to stumble upon tonight. i absolutely love all the little dinos and can't get over how cute the artstyle is! thank you so much for such a delightful little game!

wow! This means a lot to me and I really appreciate you taking the time to write a reply. I hope you continue to click them every now and again and am glad to hear you are enjoying it

What's the love file in the executable by the way? All I see is a mysterious duck balloon when I open it through the launcher.

The game is built in a framework called Love2d

The love file can be opened if you get the Love2d app, it's just the game file. For OSX and windows the file is also burried in the app. It's the main logic for the game

This game is adorable! I have a bunch of favorite sets. One of them is the realism trio: Knobs, Stretch, and Rex. I like them because they represent different dinosaur types. Then there's the monster trio: McSlime, Sashimi, and Geist. They're squishy! They're all charming, though! Great work!

Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoy it! Sushi (Sashimi's counterpart is one of my favorites). If you like the monsters, you can hit the s key 5 times in a row to access the cheat menu. Then type: skele

This will unlock a hidden skeleton Stegosaur



Looks so sweet, could we get a Linux build? :)

hey! If you want to play on Linux you can download love2d for your distro

The love 2d run time can play the .love file which is one of the download options.

Enjoy and thanks for the compliments!

this is everything I've ever wanted in a game, thank you

It means so much for me to hear you say that. Please enjoy! Once you unlock a bunch I'd love to know which Stegosaur is your favorite :)

oh gosh, it's really hard to choose I'll cheat and give you a few, hehe. I love Rex, with the goofy little walk, and Luna! big squish! (I imagine she makes whale sounds)

also Juice, who I got shortly after Luna and just... you know. <3

I also adore Fungoomi and Sol, and, and..... ok, I'll stop. :p

here is a screenshot I took of my allstar trio - thank you again, such a lovely little game! 

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Did you say whale sounds?

oh my gosh, I am so regretting not sticking it out those last few stegos. so precious! that whale! <3 that apato-brachio-longnecko-saur! <3

...but this is, of course, why I kept the game around. time for round two!