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Nokia Moss is a virtual monster-garden game built using a Teensy and an up-cycled Nokia phone screen.


As the player you control the weather, affecting the following

  • Night/Day
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

As well as controlling these you can drop up to 3 seeds onto the ground. Seeds and the monsters that sprout from them will only grow if under optimal conditions.

Weather Conditions

As you adjust humidity, at a certain point, rain starts to fall. Which is perfect for Death Stalks and Shroom Towers.

Raining at night

When precipitation is occurring, lower the temperature, and snow will start to fall. Blizzard Puff thrive in this climate.

Snowing During the day. Below Zero at 97% Humidity

Concept Art 

While designed specifically for the Nokia screen and its aesthetic, to better develop the monster design, some full illustration work was done for concepting. The below showing the vector to sprite translations for the Death Stalk plant.

End of Project

While the prototype was fully functional, the project came to a halt at developing and delivering on a circuit board to make a finalized prototype. The assembly for where it left off is pictured below.

Source Code can be found here: https://github.com/william-index/nokiaMoss

If you are interested in helping to production-ize or help me make a final prototype, let me know :) 

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