A downloadable Twitter Bot

View at: https://twitter.com/fermipasteladox

A procedurally-generated pastel universe for #fermiJam.

Posts a randomly selected planet every hour.

Tweet @FermiPasteladox with 16 digit hex (0—9 and A—F) address in format (000000-0000-000000) to explore!


Made by: http://williamanderson.io/ | https://www.patreon.com/thewaanderson

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AuthorWilliam Anderson
Tagsfermijam, pastel, Procedural Generation, Space, twitter, universe


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I love the color and graphics!

If one day you need help to code a game you have in mind you can contact me, I would be more than happy to work with such beautifull and colorfull art :)

This looks cute and interesting to look at... I like it.. better than no mans sky lol;o

haha! Thanks!!

Cool work dude. :)


this is really cool and and everything it generates has perfect aesthetic :)

is there life in pastel space?

OMG Thanks! There is life, and there is even sentient life, its just very very very rare. There are quite a number of planets with primordial life though :)